The Centre de Droit du Numérique / Digital Law Center (DLC) is a center that was created at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva in the spring of 2020 as part of the implementation of the University's digital strategy.

The mission of the Digital Law Center is to serve as a center of competence in digital law at the University of Geneva. The DLC develops training, research and service activities in digital law for the benefit of the academic community and society. It aims to position the University of Geneva and its Faculty of Law as a center of excellence in the field of digital law at the national and international level.

The creation of the Digital Law Center is part of the implementation of the University's digital strategy that was adopted in November 2018 ( The DLC was created and its bodies constituted (in particular the board of directors) in the spring of 2020. Prior to the creation of the DLC, the Faculty of Law was already conducting numerous activities in digital law (including a summer school in Internet law/digital law: which are now conducted under the aegis of the DLC.

Institutional partners
The Digital Law Center collaborates with numerous institutions and external persons in the context of its various projects both in Switzerland and abroad, as well as with other leading academic institutions, international organizations and public institutions. The DLC benefits from the very privileged ecosystem of "International Geneva" and the Geneva-based international organizations that deal with different facets of digital law and governance at the global level with which the DLC cooperates.