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Topics that will be covered include cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, digital privacy and online surveillance, free speech, consumer protection, legal issues of social media, Internet and telecom infrastructure, data protection, intellectual property, antitrust, and much more...

This is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the framework of a Digital law clinic and to discuss cutting edge Digital law and policy issues with academics (including researchers participating in the Digital Law Research Colloquium), practitioners, representatives of global policy makers, international organizations and leading institutions, including the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP).

In the previous years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022), the Digital Law Summer School (formerly Internet Law Summer School) gathered a group of highly talented participants from very diverse backgrounds and countries, including Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Netherlands, the UK, the US and Ukraine.

The summer school includes an exciting programme and affords the fantastic opportunity to build a global network of new friends as well as of Digital law and policy experts.



The program is available: here

Admissions and registration


Professionals :

CHF 1600*

External Students :

CHF 1300*

UNIGE students :

CHF 250(Note for UNIGE students: you need to submit only your -1- CV and your -2letter of motivation. UNIGE students don't need to submit a letter of reference.)

*Including 100 CHF non refundable administrative fees


Course + Accommodation Package

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Contact & informations

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Previous editions

Digital Law Summer School 2022


Program of the Digital Law Summer School 2022



Susana Insfrán, Paraguay

" It was great to attend the DLSS 2022, it gave me the opportunity to learn the different aspects that govern the digital law matters. The classes were taught by great professors and professionals, taking into consideration not only the theoretical aspects but practicals issues happening nowadays were addressed as well in different types of simulation exercises. The group exercises were a great way to acquire more knowledge of the litigation practices in digital law cases.  Definitely, a must for everyone looking to get the big picture of how digital law is evolving nowadays.”


Carine Serachi, Brazil

" The Summer School was  definitely the best short course I had the pleasure to attend. The content was quite diverse and the lengh was perfect as it gave us the chance to cover different scenarios in detail. It also provided the ability to exercise and exchange practical knowledge between the teachers and other students. The best part of the program is that it allowed us to connect with experts from different backgrounds, giving us a very precise view of the future of digital law.”

Digital Law Summer School 2021

Digital Law Summer School 2020


Program of the Digital Law Summer School 2020



Larissa Guarnieri - Brazil

"I had the chance to participate in the Digital Law Summer School offered by the Digital Law Center of Université de Genève. Due to Covid-19 crisis we couldn't be physically there in Switzerland. Even so, it was a great experience and a pleasure to meet (by Zoom! rs) brillant professionals and colleagues. Big thanks to Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade (ITS Rio) and all the professors, especially to Ana Andrijevic, Jacques de Werra and Yaniv Benhamou."


Isabella Aragão - Brazil

" Thanks so much for the Digital Law Center of the Université de Genève for these 2 immersive weeks in the Digital Law Summer School! It was amazing to discover a whole new world of research opportunities and enhance my professional and personal skills with all of the great discussions, with so many talented people around the world. I hope I can see all of you in the future, in person, and that we keep in touch for more inspiring debates and mutual growth! "

Internet Law Summer School 2019


Program of the Internet Law Summer School 2019



César Augusto Fontanillo López - Spain

" Internet Law Summer School provided the participants with better insights about the different regulatory strategies to steer, guide, limit or promote the Internet. Participants studied not only the corpus of law and jurisprudence that surround the Internet but also learnt about cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, competition, and intellectual property law. I am confident that the lessons I took from this Summer School will help me to understand how to better participate in the debate and discourse that is sure to come on the legal implications of the Internet, as a professional sufficiently informed about the state-of-the-art of regulation of new and emerging digital technologies. "


Fabio Aspis - Brazil

" The Internet Law Summer School has provided a broader view of key global discussions in the digital environment. Students had the opportunity to have contact with different regulatory views from different parts of the world. Key topics discussed included privacy and data protection, legal issues of social media, current intellectual property issues and cybersecurity. With a flawless organization, the course provided a dynamic study methodology, with a colloquia and conferences held at strategic locations of Geneva such as International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Foundation Hardt. It is important to point out that the course is not just for lawyers. We also had the opportunity to interact and learn from different perspectives on the topics covered, such as by journalists and philosophers. "


Nadja Rabeneck - Germany

" Highly recommended! I've never met so many inspiring people at one spot! The speakers were always interested in having a conversation/discussion with us instead of holding a monologue. Thus, everybody could address the topics and questions interesting him/her the most! "

Internet Law Summer School 2018


Program of the Internet Law Summer School 2018




Adrien Buensod - Switzerland

" During this summer, I had the chance to attend the Internet Law Summer School in the University of Geneva. It was a wonderful opportunity. The course organizers had everything planned, they were extremely friendly and helpful.

About the course itself: the professors and experts brought in were extremely interesting. Their varying backgrounds made the diverse subjects they talked about even more compelling. Allowing the classes to be held outside the campus (at the Hardt Foundation, ITU, etc) allowed for us to not feel cramped up in a class and helped making those two weeks flow. Furthermore, I very much enjoyed working with my fellow course attendees when I had the chance. Speaking of us, I have met incredible people. The more they talked about themselves, the more amazing they all seemed to be and all came from such different origins and backgrounds. Their intelligence and motivation struck me and motivated me to concentrate and their kindness made me regret no being able to spend more time with them.

It was a pleasure to attend this summer course and it was a pleasure to meet every single person I met there, be it a professor, an assistant or a fellow student. "


Irmak Erdogan - Turkey

" For the people who are interested in internet law, Geneva Internet Law Summer School must be on your list. It helped us to get a wide perspective regarding each aspect of internet law and best experts and academicians in this field flared our curiosity even more. It was not only the courses which were well organized, but also outdoor activities were planned ahead to make sure we had the best time in the beautiful city of Geneva. "


Fernando Ravelo Guillen - Spain

" The Internet Law Summer School was a remarkable program which covered the main issues relating to internet, data protection, cybersecurity, intellectual property, digital platforms (just to name a few!).

The speakers came from universities, institutions and companies from many countries. They made their presentation materials available, answered questions and offered to be contacted to address other topics of interest for the students. Another strong point of this course were the students. They provided a dimension of diversity, not just because of the different nationalities but also because of their backgrounds (lawyers, engineers, anthropologists, etc).

The discussions in and off class were so much interesting because of that. The program was well organised. We had the schedule beforehand and there were different channels of communication thus any question or doubt by the students could be rapidly answered. The Summer School also organised many social activities aimed at discovering the city of Geneva and enjoying the free time among classmates. "


Adriana Sarkis - Brazil

" It was a great experience to join the 2018 Internet Law Summer School in Geneva. The course exceeded all expectation in terms of classes, seminars, professors and classmates.

An amazing atmosphere, with incredible colleagues from all over the world allowed us to share academic and professional experiences while discussing the most challenging topics of law and digital economy. Also, the opportunity to be in the international environment of Geneva makes the experience even more exciting as we are invited visit the main international organizations and learn from great professionals. It is really worth it and I strongly recommend. "


Vagisha Priya Srivastava - India

" Attending the Internet Law summer School was a great learning experience for me. Being a computer science student I just had an overview of the legal issues involved in cybersecurity. This summer school gave me a clear understanding of topics such as Data Privacy, Data protection issues in ecommerce, Internet governance and human rights, platform liability etc. which according to me is important when you are at the developing front of the softwares. The speakers were some of the best people from the field from around the world and I enjoyed attending all the lectures.

The class hosted a bunch amazing people from all over the world with different backgrounds. The conversations were never dull or boring. I got to learn a great deal of things from my fellow classmates. The organizers were great, always ready to help you out with anything you need.

I would highly recommend the Internet Law Summer School. So, If you want to learn about internet law, if you want to meet amazing people, if you want to make memories you would cherish for your entire life and all of it within a duration of a few weeks then please apply for the course. You will not come out the same as you went in. "


Aye Al-Jarrah - Switzerland

" Being part of the Internet Law Summer School was a wonderful experience. Not only are you able to discuss various topics related to the internet with highly qualified and interesting speakers and colleagues alike, but you also get to meet amazing people from all around the world. Thus, it’s a great opportunity to broaden your perspective and learn how different cultures and legal systems approach certain issues as well as make some great friends. These two weeks are such a unique experience that I couldn’t recommend highly enough. My advice: don’t hesitate and go for it! "


Ana Maria Draganuta - Romania

" The organization and the programme itself exceeded all my expectations: well-reputed speakers, greatly prepared lectures and practical exercises, amazing vibe within the group mostly due to the social activities prepared for us. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get an inside glimpse into the internet law world and to create long-term professional and friendship relationships. "

Internet Law Summer School 2017

Internet Law Summer School 2016


Program of the Internet Law Summer School 2016




Ana Cristina Carvalho - Waterloo, ON Canada

" The University of Geneva has the best summer course on internet law, covering a broad range of topics under an international approach, as well as discussing domestic legislations from different countries. The professors have a terrific reputation and come from international organizations, institutes and universities all over the world. The methodology adopted in this course allows students from different levels, since graduation until post-doctorate, to discuss about Internet Law and to get important research sources to develop future works in the area. The group project on practising cyberlaw, under the coordination of Professor Chris Bavitz, was surely one of the highlights, bringing us a very practical approach of the topics discussed over the two weeks. Besides making new friends and a great networking, we left Geneva with a valuable knowledge in areas such as Internet Governance, Contract Law, Competition Law, Human Rights, Intellectual Property and Data Protection. (GoAbroad Review) "


Vanya Rakesh - India

" Participating in the Geneva summer school on internet laws was an invaluable experience. Discussing and studying about key issues encompassing the field with students from across the globe and experts from organisations like WIPO, ITU, ICRC, etc. Paved way for me in this domain and helped me evolve as a technology and internet laws enthusiast. I could take back home fond memories and a great learning experience. "


Usman Ahmed Khan - Karachi, Pakistan

" My name is Usman Ahmed Khan. I am currently working as a senior civil Judge in Karachi, Pakistan. I attended the summer school on Internet Law in 2016 and the course really helped me to gain deeper understanding of the governance of the cyber world. This course gave me an in-depth understanding of Internet Law.

I have found the things I learned throughout the course constantly coming up in a workplace setting. This course also equipped me with the ability to explore and understand the issues of the cyber world from an international perspective. "


Internet Law Summer School 2015

Internet Law Summer School 2014