International Student Seminar on Digital Law
Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva - Tongji University (Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property SICIP)


Morning session

Welcome, Introduction & Thanks

Professor Jacques de Werra, University of Geneva
Professor Xiaoting Song, Tongji University

Presentation by Ms. Ming Wang (Tongji University)
Are the rules of online games copyrightable?


Presentation by M. Matthieu Vallotton (University of Geneva)
Virtual reality and augmented reality: What challenges for Swiss Copyright Law?


Presentation by Ms. Xiaoyue Han (Tongji University)
Whether Classification is an effective approach to protect personal information?


Presentation by Ms. Elisabeth Bertin (University of Geneva)
Advertising targeting on social networks under the new Swiss Data Protection Law


Presentation by Ms. Huiling Yang (Tongji University)
Research on the Right of Deposit Funds and Interests of Third-Party Payment Platforms——Taking Alipay as an Example


Presentation by Ms. Joyce Thomson (University of Geneva)
Cultural works, free licenses and co-creation


Presentation by Ms. JinYuan Li (Tongji University)
Research on the Application and Regulation of Copyright Technology Measures in the Digital Age


Presentation by M. Dimitri Soldati (University of Geneva)
The contract for the sale and supply of digital content under Swiss and European Law


Afternoon session

Presentation by Mr. Yicheng He (Tongji University)
AI, Work and Copyright: A Conflict Between Market Interests Oriented and Humanism Oriented Legislative Principles 


Presentation by Ms. Ana Andrijevic (University of Geneva)
The impact of AI on Copyright Law 


Presentation by Mr. Zhizai Dai (Tongji University)
The Data Security Law in China from the perspective of national security: security and development 


Presentation by Ms. Hélène Bruderer (University of Geneva)
The Re-use of Health Data for Scientific Research – Towards a Good Governance Framework 


Irene Calboli

Academic Fellow at University of Geneva, Professor

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Ana Andrijevic

PhD student & Affiliate researcher

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Jacques de Werra

Director of the Digital Law Center
Professor at the Faculty of Law

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Hélène Bruderer

Affiliate researcher at the Digital Law Center / Lawyer in Zurich

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