Our Digital Law Center is jointly organizing with the Institute for Sociological Research of the 
Department of Sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Geneva this event, part of the "Forum de sociologie 2023". 

The discussion will focus on the topic of power, democracy and law in the age of artificial intelligence, with the intervention of :

Paul Nemitz, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumer Affairs, European Commission

Prof. Nicolas Baya Laffite, from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Geneva

Prof. Yaniv Benhamou from our Digital Law Center 

Billel Benbouzid, from the University Gustave Eiffel



The program of the event can be found: here

The program of the "Forum de sociologie 2023" can be found: here 


Yaniv Benhamou

Professeur associé à la Faculté de droit, avocat
Membre de la Commission de direction

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Admissions et inscriptions

Admission and participation are free of charge.

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leo [point] girardatunige [point] ch


More information can be found: here