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WIPO Revised Report on Copyright Practices and Challenges of Museums, 28/5

Yaniv Benhamou & World Intellectual Property Organization, 2019

Comment submitted on the Draft General Comment No. 25 on Children’s Rights in relation to the digital environment of the UN Co

Hélène Bruderer/Ana Andrijevic, Ph.D Candidates, Legal Researchers at the Digital Law Center

“Luxury Digital Law Series”

Episode 2

“Luxury Digital Law Series”

Episode 1

Regulation of large online platform companies acting as gatekeepers

Submission made in the course of the EU consultation on the Digital Services Act package, Dr Adrien Alberini, LL.M., Affiliated Researcher at the Digital Law Center, Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Geneva

What if Geneva became the leader in global digital policy?

Interview with Prof. Jacques de Werra in Geneva Solutions, 26.08.2020.

Cyberassurance : instrument utile pour la cybersécurité des entreprises ?

Jacques de Werra / Yaniv Benhamou, Cyberassurance: instrument utile pour la cybersécurité des entreprises? , in: Jusletter, 24.08.2020. 

Comment on the Draft Issues Paper on Intellectual Property Policy and Artificial Intelligence prepared by the WIPO Secretariat

Submission made in the course of the WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property (IP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Prof. Jacques de Werra, Dr Yaniv Benhamou, Ana Andrijevic.

L'avocat a-t-il aussi le droit d'être dans les nuages?

Yaniv Benhamou / Frédéric Erard / Daniel Kraus, L'avocat a-t-il aussi le droit d'être dans les nuages ? , in : Revue de l'Avocat, Vol. 3, 2019, pp.119-126.  

Using Arbitration and ADR for Disputes about Personal and Non-Personal Data: What Lessons from Recent Developments in Europe?

Jacques de Werra, Using arbitration and ADR for disputes about personal and non-personal data : What lessons from recent developements in Europe ? , in: The American Review of International Arbitration (ARIA), Vol. 30, No. 2, 2019.